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Regarding the Cloud thing…

A short blog this week as I‘ve been sick in bed for most of the week and my brain has been flushed.

Today I wanted to tell you about the Cloud… – Yes, you read correctly, – A short blog about the Cloud thing…

I’m not going to write about what’s possible to do and what are the benefits  for companies to move their services out to the public cloud. Instead I’m going to write a little bit about the state of mind people have when they are talking about the cloud. Specifically in regard of companies and people here in Iceland.

People here see the cloud as something new and exciting as everyone else, but also believe the cloud must be something that is located out in the big world, hence not something hosted on a computer system located in Iceland.

This seems strange to me, as the IT hosting business in Iceland is focused on marketing Iceland as a good location to host datacenters. Mostly because of cheap electricity but also on the cold air that provide “Free-Cooling” as the marketing people calls it. And far as I know we are doing pretty good job at it getting foreign companies to run their services here in Iceland.

But why are the Icelandic business busy looking the other way to host their applications in the cloud, thinking it must be somewhere out there in the big world… My guess is that this is only a marketing issue. We as the IT hosting people in Iceland need to market ourselves not as the on-premises service and support companies, but as Cloud service providers. Surely we will have some on-premises hybrid setups, but we need to turn our minds and start to believe in our small country a little more.

I think we made a small process in the year 2014, but I look forward to see how year 2015 will turn out for use here in Iceland. I believe if we hold our cards right, we could win the Icelandic cloud seeking companies over.